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PRO SMART Business Group is top leading marketing agency in Myanmar.  It is like a business partner for their clients to achieve their goals.

Creative campaigns, event management, PR, gift items?! All of this may be conventional to any advertising agency! We are different .. how ? In PRO SMART Business Group, we prepare with the creative brief another process of creative intelligence.

On the other hand, we add to the marketing tools, training the sales force  on the new era building their brands; in addition to recruitment services by selecting the right candidate. We are looking for more clients to serve as our limits may be the sky .. or the stars ! 

We have a great experience with many different companies with different products and policies. 

Our vision is to become the benchmark advertising & marketing agency in Myanmar at re‐shaping the marketing industry by creating innovative solutions addressing to every need.


PRO SMART Business Group, staffs have more than 10 years of experience in strategic and marketing fields. In the future, we will be the best advertising and marketing agency in Myanmar; and also now we will be one of the most creative agency.

PRO SMART Business Group as a group of innovations, creations and also with instructors, creative people and  working together to serve the pharmaceutical companies and FMCG companies.

Our departments include: operation department, creative department, sales department, and marketing department. All these departments work together in harmony. We believe in matrix environment for better business.

PRO SMART Business Group welcomes new members to join our group either a freelancer, part-timer or full-timer. The new member should believe in our work and feel that he has an added values to PRO SMART Business Group


Thank you very much for your interest,


Management Team @ PRO SMART Business Group


PRO SMART Business Group 

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